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How to ensure the position and sequence of aluminum wire welds

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How to ensure the position and sequence of aluminum wire welds

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How to ensure the position and sequence of aluminum wire welds, welding processing is actually a very detailed work. At the low-end machining process of the machine, it consists of 16 high-pressure die plate motor brackets. There is a crank lever table that reduces the machining process and calibrates the assembly parameters between the welds to prevent material from dragging over the top of the electrode. This is just one benefit of the new machine. Once the entire set of 16 welds is completed, the crank lever table can be lowered, the electrodes removed from the material, and the assembly can be changed by a ruler on each side of the machine.

Because the order sizes of each prison door are slightly different from each other, it is necessary to adjust the installation from time to time to automate the installation of the poles, so as to increase the running speed of the machine and increase the output. How to operate In order to run a new machine, the operator needs to place a pre-fixed panel on the machine, opposite to the left-hand gauge assembly. A laser point indicator is installed below to help the operator align the material and ensure welding. Follow the position of the rib flange. The operator then begins to weld in sequence, extending the gauge of the right hand, forcing the panel to be in the opposite position to the gauge. When the panel is locked into the welding position, the crank lever table will extend, lifting the 16 low-end electrodes.

The above is how to ensure the position and sequence of the aluminum wire weld. Then the upper end of the welding gun extends downwards, the first batch of 16 welding is completed, the welding torch is pulled back, the crank lever table is lowered, the rod is moved, and the operation is repeated. This assembly is 1.25 inch diameter chrome zirconium-copper alloy electrode (in fact, it is more suitable for welding zinc-iron alloy and other coating materials to avoid electrode adhesion).

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