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Aluminum-magnesium alloy wire tells you that in the emerging industrial countries, aluminum alloy templates have been gradually used on a large scale.

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Aluminum-magnesium alloy wire tells you that in the emerging industrial countries, aluminum alloy templates have been gradually used on a large scale.

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Building formwork is a very important tool in modern concrete construction. It has been widely applied in western developed countries, and because of its high technical innovation requirements for building formwork, Pingyin Guanghui Aluminum Co., Ltd., aluminum wire manufacturer, aluminum alloy wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, used The templates are all high quality and durable materials. The application of industrialized assembly lines and high precision machining sets have become more and more widely used in China in recent years.

In the 21st century, the former steel, wood, and plastic formwork gradually showed various problems during use. At this time, the appearance of a gold-welded aluminum alloy template has undoubtedly provided the best solution for builders.

The aluminum alloy template was first born in the United States in 1962. It is the fourth generation template after experiencing the wood formwork, steel formwork and plastic formwork. Because aluminum alloy has inherent advantages over other three materials, it is favored by foreign construction industry, including western developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as some emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea and India. The aluminum alloy template was used on a large scale.

In recent years, in response to the call for national low-carbon energy conservation, aluminum formwork has been introduced to China's construction industry on a large scale as an important part of the green building concept. In just a few years, aluminum formwork has been favored by builders with its many advantages, including Vanke, China Construction and other Chinese construction and real estate giants. Among them, Vanke is highly acclaimed for aluminum formwork, and almost all of its high-rise buildings use aluminum formwork systems. In the Vanke DreamWorks, a residential exhibition center set up in Shenzhen by Vanke, the aluminum formwork system has also been widely adopted. This also shows Vanke's high trust and recognition of the aluminum formwork system.

The reason why aluminum alloy templates are popular in the global construction industry at such a fast speed is mainly due to its unparalleled advantages.

1. Lighter weight. The aluminum formwork weighs less than 19 kilograms per square meter, which is quite advantageous compared to wood, plastic and steel formwork.

2. The construction period is short. The aluminum formwork system is a quick release mold system. The normal construction of a set of templates can reach four days, and the construction of the line can be better, greatly improving the construction progress and saving management costs.

3. Convenient construction and high efficiency. Aluminum formwork installation is quite simple and convenient. And because of its light weight, it can be handled and assembled by manpower without any major mechanical assistance. Moreover, the system design is relatively simple, and the skilled installation workers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day, which greatly saves labor costs.

4. Less seams and higher precision. The surface of the concrete is good after demoulding. After the aluminum building formwork is demolished, the quality of the concrete surface is smooth and smooth, which basically meets the requirements of the facing and the fair-faced concrete.

5. Good stability and high bearing capacity. Most aluminum formwork systems can reach a capacity of 60 kN per square meter, which can meet the bearing capacity requirements of most residential buildings.

6. There is less construction waste on site and the support system is simple. All parts of the aluminum formwork system can be reused. After the mold is removed, there is no garbage on the site. The support system is simple in structure and easy to remove, so the whole construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

7. Strong versatility. There are many specifications for aluminum stencils, which can be assembled according to different specifications of the project. Even if the used stencil is used to build a new building, only about 20% of the standard board needs to be replaced, which saves a lot of money.

8. The value of recycling is higher. After the aluminum template is scrapped, due to the high recovery rate of aluminum, the residual value of the waste is also high, and the cost advantage is obvious.

9. Low carbon energy saving. The recyclable nature of the aluminum formwork makes it a renewable material that is fully compliant with national regulations on energy efficiency, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction for construction projects.

In China, where economic development is improving, various high-rise buildings are emerging in large and medium-sized cities across the country. With the strong strength of aluminum alloy templates, the “stage” for its development in the future is still quite broad.

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