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Aluminum wire welding nickel copper tube preparation inspection work

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Aluminum wire welding nickel copper tube preparation inspection work

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The aluminum wire is welded to the nickel-copper tube for inspection. The welding process is complicated, so we must be familiar with some practical operations. In the welding operation of nickel-copper pipes, there is a set of own procedures. The finned tubes include preparation work, requirements, etc. Each part is important and indispensable. Specifically, it mainly includes these pre-weld preparation, welding requirements, and welding. The process and post-weld treatment are four parts. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it in detail to provide readers with some professional knowledge.

Pre-weld preparation Check the welding groove size and joint assembly quality to meet the process requirements. Use a copper wire brush to clean the positioning solder joints and the 20mm range inside and outside the edge of the groove. Use acetone to wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the edge of the groove. Seal the nozzle with aluminum-platinum adhesive tape, install the inflator into the tube, and then fill the tube with argon. Check the integrity of the welding equipment, open the cooling water, adjust the gas flow, and adjust the welding process parameters in strict accordance with the requirements of the welding process.

The aluminum wire is welded to the nickel-copper tube for inspection. Before welding, the rust, oil, dust, moisture, etc. of the pre-machined edge must be removed. Generally, the oxide film around the groove and the 20mm sides of the pipe is polished with sandpaper, and then washed with acetone. The argon gas protection time in the tube should be sufficient. Generally, the welding can be carried out after about 10-15 minutes. For the longer pipe fittings, the blocking tooling is adopted to close the joints. Before the root bead is welded, the front welding area is pasted with self-adhesive aluminum foil, which is gradually removed during the welding process. When welding to the last 1/4 weld, the amount of backside inflation should be reduced to prevent the back surface from being concave or burnt.

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