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How to guide the aluminum wire through the welding torch

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How to guide the aluminum wire through the welding torch

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How to guide the aluminum welding wire through the welding torch, Pingyin Guanghui Aluminum Co., Ltd., aluminum welding wire manufacturer, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, stable torque and variable speed motor in the wire feeding structure as the wire feeding power, and guide the welding wire through the welding torch to reach stability The output and speed. The high torque motor of the torch pulls the wire to ensure that the wire feed speed and the welding arc are coordinated. Some welders use the same wire feeder to transport steel wire and aluminum wire. Under such conditions, the use of plastic or nylon liners can assist in achieving smooth and coordinated common wire (aluminum) action.

When welding in detail, try to keep the vertical of the torch cable to reduce the wire feed resistance. Carefully check the coaxiality between the automatic roller and the guide tube to avoid scratching the aluminum. Use automatic rollers designed for aluminum. Set the automatic roller tighter to reach the constant wire feed speed. A too tight setting can cause deformation of the wire and unstable wire feeding: if it is too loose, it will cause unstable wire feeding. Both conditions directly cause instability in the weld arc and weld porosity.

How to guide the aluminum welding wire through the welding torch and use different welding torch liners to weld the aluminum material. To avoid the wire being disrupted, try to tighten the ends of the pad together to eliminate the gap between the pad and the gas diffuser. Frequent replacement of the liner can reduce the adverse effects of potential oxides on the rough appearance of the aluminum on the wire formation. When the welding current exceeds 200 amps, it is necessary to use a water-cooled welding torch to cool and reduce the difficulty of wire feeding.

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