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Method for improving the appearance of aluminum welding wire weld

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Method for improving the appearance of aluminum welding wire weld

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The improvement method of the appearance of the aluminum welding wire weld, in fact, any process can be well developed technically. Excessive thermal energy in the resistance spot welding (RSW) setting will cause the material to shrink excessively on the spot weld nugget, resulting in potholes, and the appearance of the weld is rough. Therefore, the operator has to return to the previous process from time to time to fill the shrinkage. The pit. In order to solve this problem, the method of sanding and flattening this area is used to minimize the wasted labor time and waste.

Custom machines, the new welding process, in the second half of 2008, finally found a better solution - a new, custom-made resistance spot welding machine. Designed with push-pull lines instead of the previous series, there are many automation features that increase productivity by up to 20%. The prison wall panels and door panels that need to be manufactured are made up of 12 gauge zinc-iron alloy plates that are 2 to 4 feet wide.

The lifting method of the appearance of the aluminum wire weld can be used to connect the rolled hat-shaped ribs with the 16 gauge cold coil steel and the door panel with a gap of 6 to 12 inches. Resistance welding is performed every 3 inches along the edge of the rib. The new machine is equipped with 16 pneumatic welding cylinders and welding torches, and a motorized wedge-shaped boring head slides to the top of the welded crown. The torch can be independently erected along the length of the welded crown to meet different welding pattern requirements of the customer.

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