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Will all-aluminum flooring replace solid wood flooring?

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Will all-aluminum flooring replace solid wood flooring?

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Today, people are paying more and more attention to health and environmental protection. The most basic problem in the wooden furniture industry is that it cannot be avoided, that is, the problem of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Guanghui aluminum wire flooring is very simple in terms of manufacturing process. It is usually one-time die-casting or casting molding with aluminum alloy as the substrate. The surface treatment technology and the development of Guanghui aluminum wire coating also provide a huge amount of all-aluminum flooring for household use. Market competitive advantage.

In the field of home, the trend of aluminum substitute wood continues, I believe many people have heard of all-aluminum cabinets, all-aluminum tables and chairs and other furniture series products, but few people know that in the field of construction and home decoration, all-aluminum flooring also enters quietly. People's vision.

Before talking about all-aluminum flooring, Guanghui aluminum welding wire first talked about the big concept of flooring.

Floor, the surface layer of the house floor or floor. Made of wood or other materials. There are many types of flooring, according to the structure: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, three-layer parquet, bamboo flooring, anti-corrosion flooring, cork flooring and the most popular multi-layer parquet.

At present, many new buildings are made of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, which is made by interlacing laminated plates of different tree species, thus overcoming the shortcomings of solid wood flooring unidirectional homogeneity, shrinking and shrinking rate is small, and has better Dimensional stability and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of the solid wood flooring. It is suitable for the natural beauty that likes solid wood flooring, and is also afraid of the unstable consumer groups of solid wood flooring.

But when it comes to wooden furniture, there is one of the most basic problems in the industry that cannot be avoided. That is the problem of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard, which is the problem of home environmental protection. From the perspective of the manufacturing process, the composite wood floor is made by adding glue, preservatives, and Guanghui aluminum welding wire after the logs are pulverized, and is processed by high-temperature and high-pressure pressing of the hot press, and at the same time, the environmental protection grade of the laminate floor and the multi-layer solid wood floor. The division is the most stringent national regulation. Grades are graded E1 and E0, JAS star standard F3 star floor, F4 star floor is the most stringent way to detect formaldehyde in the world, but this is the Japanese national standard established by the Japanese government. F4 star floor can achieve formaldehyde emission close to solid wood. Most domestic flooring manufacturers have certain difficulties in production, and have not yet joined China's national standards. Therefore, the floor that meets this level must be certified by the State Administration of Quality Supervision of China and the China National Standards Committee. After receiving the application from the manufacturer, the above-mentioned units will be tested and tested for a long time, and will be jointly issued and certified after reaching the standard, in order to be listed and sold in China according to the standard of F4 star floor. The mandatory standard for formaldehyde has put a lot of pressure on laminate flooring manufacturers. This is also the reason why the all-aluminum aluminum wire welding wire home has been rapidly promoted and developed in the field of home.

Aluminum alloy flooring is very simple in terms of manufacturing process. It is usually die-cast or cast-formed with aluminum alloy as the substrate. Aluminum alloy flooring is also divided into different product series for different application fields, such as all-aluminum anti-static flooring. Applicable to military command, aerospace center, financial data processing center and ultra-clean factory, etc.

With the development of supporting industries, the development of surface treatment technology and coating coating also provides a huge market competitive advantage for household aluminum flooring. For example, the ideal material for floor decoration, such as bedroom, living room, and study room in high-end residential buildings, is solid wood flooring. It has natural patterns, comfortable feet and safe use. Its decorative style is back to nature, and the texture is naturally influenced by high-end users. favorite. However, in today's vigorous promotion of environmental protection, the advantages of all-aluminum flooring have begun to stand out, and the natural foot feel and decorative style of solid wood flooring can be achieved by surface treatment technology.

In the future, as the intelligence gradually penetrates into all aspects of our living and home, combined with the surface treatment of this year's development trend, there will be some functional flooring for the characteristics of home furnishings.

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