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Aluminum welding wire aluminum welding disposal speed maintenance gas

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Aluminum welding wire aluminum welding disposal speed maintenance gas

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Aluminum welding wire aluminum welding disposal speed maintenance gas, these links need us to deal with, so it can be said that it requires careful and patient. The process of welding aluminum requires "high temperature and high speed" disposal. Unlike steel, the higher thermal conductivity requirements of aluminum use higher current and voltage settings and higher welding speeds. If the welding speed is too slow, there will be too much weld penetration, especially when welding thin materials. Argon is used as the most commonly used aluminum welding maintenance gas because of its excellent cleaning function.

When welding the aluminum alloy of the 5XXX-series, the maintenance gas used is a mixed gas of argon and helium. Up to 75% of the share of helium can reach the optimum effect of reducing the effects of magnesium oxide. Pick and fill the aluminum wire near the melting point of the base metal. The more the welder can constrain the ablation scale of the metal, the easier it is to weld the alloy. Use a 3/64- or perhaps 1/16-inch diameter filler. The larger the diameter of the filler wire, the simpler the wire feed. To weld thin data, use a 0.035-inch diameter wire with a pulsed welding process and a low-speed wire feed (approximately 100 to 300 inches per minute).

Aluminum welding wire aluminum welding disposal speed maintenance gas, the welding process must avoid some mistakes, in the aluminum welding, spark splash will cause the welding to lose. The crack is the result of a shortening from the high-speed thermal expansion of the aluminum material to the formation of many cooling. The danger of welding cracks is greatest in the time of welding concave data, because the data pits will be shortened, and the data will be torn when cooled. Therefore, the welder should create a pit of convex shape, which will compensate for the shortening formed during welding.

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