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What are the issues to consider when selecting aluminum wire power?

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What are the issues to consider when selecting aluminum wire power?

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What are the issues to consider when selecting the aluminum wire power supply? When selecting the voltage of the gas metal arc welding machine for welding aluminum, the primary requirement is to think about the droplet transition or the pulse. A welding machine that stabilizes current and stabilizes voltage can be used for ejecting arc welding. The eruption arc is to spray a small molten metal droplet on the electrode through the welding arc onto the base material. In the application of welding thick aluminum, the welding current is required to exceed the stable current of 350 amps, which can reach the best effect.

Pulse transitions are usually carried out with the support of an inverter power supply. The new power supply includes a built-in pulse program. At the time of the gas metal arc welding pulse, there is a drop of filler metal from the electrode to the workpiece during each current pulse. During this process, the droplet transfer of the positive electrode occurs, reaching less splash and higher welding speed. .

The choice of aluminum wire power needs to consider, when using pulse gas metal arc welding technology to weld aluminum, the heat input control is also very good, and can also easily carry out misalignment welding, so that the welder with lower wire feed speed and Low current for thin material welding. The preferred method of delivering soft aluminum wire over long distances is push-pull wire feed, which uses a closed wire feed structure to maintain the aluminum wire from environmental influences.

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