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How should the aluminum welding wire be welded?

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How should the aluminum welding wire be welded?

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Pure aluminum wire is a kind of soft material with relatively poor columnar strength and is extremely sensitive to hydrogen solubility during melting. Therefore, its success in the production environment depends largely on its application in the production process. The method and control method are reasonable or not. The greatest impact on the performance of MIG aluminum wire is surface finish, wire cleanliness, wire diameter control, wire tip and spiral.

Welding of aluminum tubes 1 Welding characteristics: Aluminum and aluminum alloys have strong thermal conductivity, large heat capacity, large coefficient of linear expansion, low melting point and low temperature strength. The welding is difficult, and certain measures should be taken to ensure the welding quality. So I will introduce the correct aluminum welding method here.

Tools/Materials 1. Non-metallic liner 2. U-groove drive roller 3. Inlet and outlet guides 4. Contact head

Step / method

It is highly recommended to purchase a special set of aluminum wire feeding tools. The set of tools will contain the following items:

1. U-shaped groove drive roller - used to avoid breaking or deformation of the soft aluminum wire. These drive rollers do not scratch the aluminum wire like a V-groove roller. If the V-groove roller is used, the wire scraping liner will be blocked and the wire feeding failure will occur.

2. Non-metallic liner - designed to minimize wire friction

3. Import and export guides - designed to avoid wire scratches.

4. Contact Head - The contact head used in the welding of aluminum has a larger diameter opening because it produces more expansion than steel when the aluminum wire heats up. Therefore, the size of the aluminum wire-specific contact head is small enough to allow electrical expansion while being sufficiently large to allow expansion.

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