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SAL5356 Φ1.2

SAL5356 Φ1.2

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  • Date of release:2018/11/02
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Detailed introduction

Name: SAL 5356 aluminum-magnesium welding wire

Brand: Yipinjin

Packing: 7 kg / plate, 120 plates / tray

Standard: GB/T 10858-2008

Ingredients: Mg=4.5-5.5%; Mn=0.05-0.20%; Cr=0.05-0.20%; Ti=0.06-0.20%; Al balance.

Description: SAL5356 is a 5% magnesium alloy welding wire. It is a versatile general-purpose welding material. It is suitable for welding or surface surfacing 5% magnesium casting and forging aluminum alloy. It has high strength, good forgeability and good resistance. Corrosive. This product also provides good color matching for anodized soldering.

The aluminum alloy formwork system for construction is referred to as the aluminum formwork, and a new generation of new formwork support system emerged after the bamboo formwork and steel formwork. It is a building template made of aluminum alloy. It is made according to the modulus design. The aluminum template is made by extrusion with special equipment. It consists of a three-part system of aluminum panels, brackets and connectors. It has a complete set of universal accessories. It can be assembled into a complex formwork with different dimensions and dimensions, and the system template of assembly and industrial construction solves the shortcomings of the traditional templates in the past and greatly improves the construction efficiency. Pingyin Guanghui Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces “Yipinjin” brand “Aluminum template special welding wire”, which is dedicated to the research and development of aluminum template special welding wire. After many domestic aluminum film manufacturers use a special gold 5356Φ1.2 aluminum template special welding wire, The customer's high evaluation, the welding effect is very good, and established a good reputation in the market.

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