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Flux cored wire

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Flux cored wire

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Detailed introduction

Flux cored wire:

Aluminum welding wire; aluminum flux cored wire; 4047 flux cored wire

  product description:

Copper and aluminum welding wire was developed using low temperature special welding materials. The copper-aluminum welding wire not only converts the temperature range (425-490 °C) which has been plagued by the work to Al, but also the material of the aluminum-welded wire between Al and Cu. Copper-aluminum welding wire, silver-containing solder, copper-aluminum welding, excellent fluidity, high tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

1. Excellent fluidity and handling performance without high skill;

2. The better electrical conductivity reaches 40% of the electrical conductivity of copper, while the normal product in the market can only reach 30% of copper;

3, excellent mechanical properties: welding special aluminum alloy tensile strength of more than 200Mpa, shear strength of more than 150Mpa; excellent toughness, and copper combination is very strong, seismic resistance to bending and impact, breaking the conventional copper-aluminum cored wire welding The problem of poor bonding ability between solder and copper;

4 core copper-aluminum brazing filler metal is produced by the world's most advanced seamless process. The flux is tightly packed and contains super-wetting factor. The product is more stable and can be stored for a long time. The conventional copper-aluminum medicinal wire in the market adopts the seaming process and bends. It is easy to leak powder, and contains some corrosion flux, which is easy to absorb water and oxidize, and the complex hydrolysis failure causes the flux to fail and cannot be used;

5, can withstand higher instantaneous high temperature still maintains good strength, and the market conventional copper-aluminum medicinal welding wire due to low melting point of the product, low softening point temperature, so if there is a large current multiple transient short-circuit local high temperature lead to the risk of disconnection

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