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Aluminum mesh woven aluminum wire

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Aluminum mesh woven aluminum wire

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Detailed introduction

Aluminum mesh woven aluminum wire

1 For the production of braided wire: the braided wire is used for the soft connection of electrical devices, switchgear, etc.;

2 signal cable shielding network coaxial cable shielding network

3 For the production of soft stranded wire: soft stranded wire is a soft connecting line for electrical and transmission electrical equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, and thyristor components;

4 various shielded network lines;

5 various shielded multi-core signal cables, etc.;

6 other use shielding woven mesh

The aluminum-magnesium alloy round wire produced by our company combines the following advantages:

1. The specific gravity of the magnesium alloy round wire is 2.7, and the specific gravity of the tinned copper wire is 8.9 compared with 1:3.3, that is, the length of the same weight of the aluminum-magnesium alloy round wire is the tinned copper wire. 3.3 times.

2. After the aluminum-magnesium alloy round wire is used, the material consumption is greatly reduced, and the cable cost is reduced. Therefore, the enterprise can obtain significant economic benefits and is a technological advancement in quality.

3. In the shielded cable, since the longitudinal cladding layer and the braided conductor of the combined outer conductor are both aluminum materials, the existence of electrochemical corrosion is fundamentally eliminated, thereby effectively improving the service life of the cable.

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