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Determination and storage requirements for manganese in aluminum wire

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Determination and storage requirements for manganese in aluminum wire

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The requirements for the determination and storage of manganese in the aluminum wire, we will introduce how to measure today so that everyone can use the product better. Weigh 0.05g of sample, put it into a 50 ml steel volumetric flask, add 10ml of mixed liquid, and dissolve it at low temperature; wait until the sample is completely dissolved into large bubbles, immediately add 6ml of ammonium persulfate, put it on the electric furnace and wait for the pattern and Ammonium sulfate is decomposed into high-priced manganese, taken out and cooled, diluted with water, and colorimetric. Colorimetric with a 530 wavelength green filter.

The warehouse where the welding wire is stored should have a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture; refuse to have volatile, corrosive substances such as water, acid and alkali, and it is not suitable to coexist with the same warehouse. The wire should be placed on a wooden pallet and should not be placed directly on the floor or against the wall. Be careful not to break the packaging when accessing and handling the wire, especially the inner packaging "heat shrink film".

For the determination and storage requirements of manganese in the aluminum wire, open the wire package and use it as soon as possible (required within one week). Once the wire is directly exposed to the air, the rust prevention time will be greatly shortened (especially in wet and corrosive media). In the environment, the wire is distributed according to the principle of “first in, first out” to minimize the time of product inventory. Please store according to the type and specification of the welding wire to prevent misuse.

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